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宾语从句通常由连词that和whether (if)、连接代词或连接副词以及关系代词型what引导:

1. that引导

We believe that he is honest. 我们相信他是诚实的。

The doctor insists that I give up smoking医生坚持要我戒烟。

I suggest that we should go tomorrow. 我建议我们明天走。

I suggested that we should go the next day. 我建议我们第二天走。

We learnt from his letter that he was in Spain. 从他的信里我们了解到他在西班牙。

The seller demanded that payment should be made within five days. 卖方要求5日内付款。

2. whether / if引导

I don't know whether he'll arrive in time. 我不知道他是否能及时到。

I didn't know whether they liked the place. 我不知道他们是否喜欢这个地方。

I'll see whether I can induce him to accept it. 我要看看我是否能劝他接受。

I asked her whether she agreed. 我问她是否同意。

He enquired if her parents spoke Spanish. 他问她父母是否讲西班牙语。

I wonder if it's large enough. 我不知道它是否够大。

She didn't say if he was still alive. 她没说他是否还活着。

3. 连接代词引导

I don't know who [whom] you mean. 我不知道你指谁。

Please tell me which you like. 告诉我你喜欢哪一个。

I'Il do whatever I can do. 我将做我所能做的事。

You can take whichever you like. 你爱拿哪个就拿哪个吧。

We'll do whatever we can to save him. 我们将尽我们所能来挽救他。

Take whichever seat you like. 你要坐哪个座就坐哪个座位。

Give it to whoever you like. 你把它爱给谁就给谁。

You don't know what you are talking about. 你在说什么,你自己也不知道。

Tomorrow at this time we'll know who is elected. 明天这时候我们就会知道谁当选了。

4. 连接副词引导

He asked why he had to go alone. 他问他为什么必须一个人去。

You don't know when you are lucky. 你身在福中不知福。

I asked how he was getting on. 我问他情况怎样。

He knows where they live. 他知道他们住哪里。

Have you found out how wide the ditch Was? 你了解到那条沟有多宽吗?

I'd like to know when they will let him out. 我很想知道他们什么时候会放他出来。

We didn't know why he had answered in that fashion. 我们不明白他为什么这样回答。

3. 关系代词what引导

She has got what she wanted. 她要的东西得到了。

I want to tell you what I hear. 我想把听到的情况告诉你。

He could not express what he felt. 他无法表达内心的感受。

They did what they could to console her. 他们尽量安慰她。

They thought they could do what they liked with him. 他们以为他们可以对他为所欲为。


From what you say, he is right. 根据你所说的,他是对的。

有极个别介词(如but, except)可接that引导的宾语从句:

She remembered nothing about him except that his hair was black. 她对他什么都不记得,只记得他的头发是黑的。


He began to think about what he should do. 他开始考虑应当怎样做。



I think it best that you should stay here. 我认为你最好住这儿。

He hasn't made it known when he is going to get married. 他还没宣布他何时结婚。

She found it difficult to answer the question. 她发现回答这个问题很困难。

He feels it his duty to hetp others. 他认为帮助别人是他的责任。

He thought it best to be on his guard. 他认为他最好还是要警惕。

He made it a rule to speak in Parliament at least once every session. 他规定自己在议会每次开会时至少发一次言。

I find it interesting talking go you. 我觉得同你谈话很有意思。

I consider it wrong to cheat in an examination. 我认为考试作弊是不对的。


引导宾语从句的连词that 通常可以省略:

She said (that) she would come to the meeting. 她说过要来开会的。

I promise you (that) I will be there. 我答应你我会去。

I hoped (that) I would / should succeed. 我曾希望我会成功。

He thinks (that) they will give him a visa. 他想他们会给他签证。

He thought (that) they would give him 3 visa. 他本想他们会给他签证。

I expect (that) the plane will he diverted. 我料想飞机会改变航线。

I expected (that) the plane would be diverted. 我本料想飞机会改变航线。

Everybody knows (that) money doesn't grow on trees. 众所周知,金钱是不会从树上长出来的。

I suggested (that) they should / shouldn't drive along the coast. 我建议他们沿着 / 不要沿着海岸开车。


That she is a good girl I know. 她是一个好姑娘,我是知道的。


动词think, believe, suppose, expect, imagine 后接一个表示否定意义的宾语从句时,其否定通常转移到主语:

I don't suppose that it is true. 我认为那不是真的。

I don't imagine that he will come. 我想他不会来的。

I don't think we need waste much time on it. 我想我们不必在这上面花太多时间

We didn't think we'd be this late. 我们没想到我们会到得这么晚。

I don't suppose I'll trouble you again. 我想我不要再麻烦你了。


当动词think, believe, suppose, expect, imagine 后接一个表示否定意义的宾语从句时,其否定通常转移到主语: I don't suppose that it is true. 我认为那不是真的。 I don't imagine that he ...[阅读全文]

宾语从句可以分为三类 (1).动词的宾语从句 1.1 大多数位于动词后面 Eg:I hope you can join us in the game. 1.2 有些是动词+副词后 Find out / point out / figure out / turn out/ figure ou...[阅读全文]

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